How to create a new theme

1. Download the themes repository

Download the penguin themes repository penguin-themes and then create the following directory structure:

                            └── src/
                                └── css/
                                    ├── base/
                                    │   └── _variables.scss
                                    ├── components/
                                    └── main.scss

2. Set up your theme

*Configure your theme variables in src/css/base/_variables.scss and src/css/components/_variables.scss. *Style your theme components in src/css/components/{component_name}.

Finally, add info’s theme in theme.json file.

    "version": "version",
    "name": "name",
    "author": "Author <>",
    "description": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet..."

3. Build your theme

Compile your theme using the following grunt task:

grunt build-theme:<theme_name>

While you are working on your theme you can preview all changes without the need to build theme before. Run the next grunt task on the command line:

grunt serve:<theme_name>

This task use browsersync to open a new tab on your favourite browser with the content of themes/index.html. The changes you make on themes/custom-theme/src/css/ and themes/index.html will cause all browsers to do a full-page refresh.

Don’t forget set css path, on themes/index.html, to your custom css for preview changes.

<link rel="stylesheet" media="screen" href=theme-name/dist/css/theme-name.css>

4. Share your theme!

Now you have your awesome theme ready to be used for hundreds of developers :) Just make a pull request to the themes repository penguin-themes and we will check it as soon as possible.